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Our Expertise

Experienced forensic toxicologist with degree in pharmacology and toxicology. Areas of expertise include:Medical matters involving pharmaceuticals, alcohol, adverse drug reactions, medication errors, and recreational drugs. Environmental expertise includes: sanitation, health & safety, lead exposure, mold, toxic chemical exposure, hazardous waste, groundwater contamination, super-fund cleanup, risk analysis and communication. 

Environmental Health


Safety Expert


  • Health & Safety Inspections

  • On-site Pre and Post-inspection of:

    • Restaurants

    • Schools

    • Day Cares

    • Adult Living Facilities

  • Provide review of legal updates from FDA & CDC health information

  • On-site training and guidance to exceed OSHA requirements

  • Safety training to prevent critical violations

  • Prevent food-borne illnesses and outbreaks

  • Monthly inspections to prevent closure of your business




  • Conduct medical research and medical file review for personal injury that results from biological, chemical, environmental or pharmaceutical agents

  • On-site inspections, sampling of nursing home, adult living facilities, medical and laboratory environments

  • Expert witness services for plaintiff and defense


  • Expert witness services for plaintiff and defense

  • Medication review and management 

  • Litigation support


  • Review of regulatory compliance to Local, State, and Federal Laws

  • Forensic toxicology sample collection & analysis




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